Can Pigs Swim?


  • Pigs can swim -  in fact, some love it – and you can swim with pigs in the Bahamas
  • It was long thought that pigs couldn’t swim without cutting their own throats with their sharp close-set fore trotters
  • Pig swimming was an event introduced at the 2006 Pig Olympics in Moscow, Russia
  • Swine can’t sweat, so swimming keeps them cool
  • A rumoured old maritime custom was to throw a pig overboard when a ship got lost – the pig was supposed to naturally swim in the direction of land, showing the way to steer. This method was later rendered obsolete by the invention of GPS

Want more evidence?
Pigs swim in sea in Bahamas

Can pigs swim?

Piglets seek Moscow Olympic glory
Homesick Scottish boars paddle a mile across the sea

Have you seen one swim? Let us know below.


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